Smart Cities Down Under Report

Published February, 2020

Authors: Tan Yigitcanlar, Nayomi Kankanamge, Luke Butler, Karen Vella, and Kevin C. Desouza.

The ‘Smart Cities Down Under’ report presents the findings of a study conducted at the Urban Studies Lab of Queensland University of Technology—with support from the Australian Government’s Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Communications. The report placed Australian local government areas under the smart city microscope to evaluate their performances.

Australian local government areas were evaluated against four smart city indicator areas: ‘Productivity & Innovation’, ‘Liveability & Wellbeing’, ‘Sustainability & Accessibility’, and ‘Governance & Planning‘. The highest-ranked areas house more than a quarter of the nation’s population and are all located in metropolitan regions with relatively higher population densities.

The report can be viewed here.


SRI (Sustainability Research & Innovation) 2020

June 14-17, 2020

SRI2020 will be a unique gathering to connect those at the forefront of sustainability science, innovation, funding, communication and implementation across sectors and disciplines. Our researcher team will be presenting at the conference so please join us.

Registration opens January 30, 2020.


Call for abstracts for the SRI2020 Special Session on ‘​Approaches, Advances and Applications in Sustainable Smart Cities’

This session aims to contribute to the conceptual and practical knowledge pools in order to improve the research and practice on sustainable smart cities by bringing an informed understanding of the subject to scholars, policymakers, and practitioners. This session seeks contributions offering insights into sustainable smart cities by providing in-depth conceptual analyses and detailed case study descriptions and empirical investigations across the globe. This way, the session will form a repository of relevant information, material, and knowledge to support research, policymaking, practice, and transferability of experiences to address sustainable and smart urbanisation challenges.

Send your 150 words abstract to by 16 February 2020.