Network Membership

Australia-Brazil Smart City Research and Practice Network, launched in 2019, is a group of Australian and Brazilian smart city experts and enthusiasts from academic, public, private and not-for-profit sectors. The overall aim of the Network is to establish an ongoing exchange of and collaboration on smart cities research and practice between the two countries. The headquarters of the Network is located at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. The Network holds events and activities to bring together the members together and providing Australian and Brazilian perspectives on the relevant emerging issues on smart cities.

The purpose of the Network is:

  • strengthening interest, teaching, research, and practice on smart cities at the Australian and Brazilian universities;
  • facilitating improved communication and collaboration among academic, public, private, and not-for-profit sectors on smart cities across Australia and Brazil;
  • organising actual and virtual activities to bring the Network members together to collaborate and co-create exchanges on smart cities;
  • harnessing the Network members’ individual areas of expertise and knowledge, and broadening the scope and reach of smart cities research and practice, and;
  • contributing to the multidisciplinary engagement on policy development relevant to the smart city practice.

Your participation in the Network will be beneficial to other members with similar or diverse expertise, and vice versa, in addition to broadening the debate and practice on smart cities and other relevant issues concerning Australia and Brazil.

If you are based in an Australian or Brazilian institute (in academic, public, private, or not-for-profit sectors) and interested in smart city research and practice, you are eligible to join the Network for free by emailing your details to:

Tan Yigitcanlar
Network Director

Thank you for your interest in the Network.