Tools & Techniques

Service thinking for social problems draws on a range of tools and techniques from different disciplines. We believe that social problems cannot be solved from a single discipline perspective and so we draw on both creative and systematic approaches to develop our own unique toolkit.

On this page you will find the following tools and techniques in which we have substantial experience; digital tools and data collection techniques.


Digital Tools

This includes the use of virtual spokes-characters (from avatars to chatbots), gamification and serious games, the use of SMS (yes an oldie but a goodie), digital portals (these are not the same as a website) and smart home technologies.



Data Collection Techniques

This includes the key techniques we use however we can do others – just ask us!


Service Design

“How to Use Service Design to Develop a Social Marketing Intervention” by Rebekah Russell-Bennett. Presentation summarises a post-conference workshop help at the 2017 World Social Marketing Conference.