Encouraging Water Compliance within Communities

Project dates: 2018

The responsible and sustainable management of water is vital for Queensland to ensure positive outcomes for all stakeholders, including future generations. This project was sponsored by the Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy (DNRME).


The purpose of the Encouraging water compliance within communities project was an investigation of the motivations of authorised water users, and barriers they experience in appropriately managing their water take, including compliance with the Water Act 2000.


This project has used a literature review, targeted focus groups and an innovative scenario-based survey to provide insight into barriers, motivators and attitudes towards water compliance.

The use of situational simulations has allowed researchers to investigate how different interventions may work in the real world.

Key theories

  • Proactive-Interactive-Proactive (PIP) Framework
  • Value
  • Behavioural Insights

Project results

The findings will be used to help design and develop intervention, communication and tools for supporting water compliance in Queensland.

Chief Investigators

Other Team Members

  • Mr Jim Binney
  • Mr Samuel Ong
  • Ms Brittany Bennett
  • Ms Natalie Sketcher


Further Reading

Encouraging Water Compliance in the Community Fact Sheet [pdf]