Tabitha Kelly

BBus (Honours) majoring in Marketing

Thesis: Spreading the love: How motivation impacts the internationalisation of social enterprises

Social enterprise firms are receiving increasing levels of recognition, both publicly and academically, due to their ability to produce both social and financial value and act as vehicles for societal change. However, despite being recognised within Australia as an innovative solution to address complex societal needs, the way in which these organisations operate, particularly when internationalising, is relatively unknown.  This honours research aimed to examine the role of firm and founder motivation on the internationalisation process of social enterprises. This study is underpinned by the overarching question: how and why do social enterprise internationalise? The findings from this research have shed light on the unique motivations and internationalisation processes of social enterprises, hopefully contributing to future research that will deliver further understanding of these organisations, supporting them to expand their social impact globally.

Dr Charmaine Glavas (Principal Supervisor) & Professor Rebekah Russell-Bennett (Associate Supervisor)

Projects (Chief investigator)