Sam Ong

Honours Student

BBus with Distinction & BCI with Distinction. Currently completing BBus (Honours) majoring in Marketing at QUT.

Thesis topic: “Overcoming behavioural biases associated with crowdfunding investment through co-created customer value propositions in the biomedical innovations space”

The effectiveness of utilising crowdfunding platforms, as an alternative to grant or funding applications for scientific research and innovations, is a relatively nascent field of research – with existing studies mainly focusing on quantitative empirical research. Existing marketing literature suggests that key determinants for crowdfunding success include strong customer engagement and targeted message appeals. However, little to no research has been conducted on the development of co-created customer value propositions and how their effectiveness is impacted by investors’ behavioural biases. The aim of this project is to explore how rewards-based crowdfunding projects related to biomedical innovations can increase their funding success, through the development of co-created customer value propositions and message appeals that overcome investors’ behavioural biases.

Professor Rebekah Russell-Bennett & Distinguished Professor Dietmar Hutmacher