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PhD - Doctor of Philosophy (Deakin University)

Background Dr Judy Drennan is:
  • Leader of the Services Innovation Research Program in the Faculty of Business
  • Professor within the School of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations - QUT.
  • PhD - Deakin University focusing on information technology networks and small business
  • Master of Education - University of Melbourne.
Judy is a distinguished academic with numerous best paper and teaching awards. Her research direction has extended from her PhD dissertation with two key research themes emerging from this study:
  • e-marketing
  • entrepreneurship.
Since 2002, her research has expanded to include mobile phone marketing (m-marketing) and social marketing. Judy also considers teaching to be vitally important in her profession and also publishes research in the field of education. Research interests
  • Social marketing
  • M-marketing
  • Services marketing
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Smart Services
Future collaboration interests Judy is interested in the impact of mobile phones on consumer well-being and the evaluation of the effectiveness of online health intervention programs. Current research projects Professor Drennan is currently working on several projects examining the social, psychological, and economic impacts of mobile digital technology on consumers. This includes an ARC Linkage project focusing on multidisciplinary assessment of the mental health outcomes of:
  • cyber-participation
  • mobile phone marketing
  • m-gambling
  • emotions relating to mobile phone consumption
  • youth well-being
  • consumer responses to marketing strategies in the m-marketing context.
Collaborative projects include: New Financial Services (Smart Services CRC) The impact of mobile digital technology on consumer well-being
  • Professor Gillian Sullivan-Mort (LaTrobe University, Melbourne)
  • Dr Mark Brown (University of Queensland)
Provision of Strategies to Support Drug and Alcohol Online Activities
  • Professor David Kavanagh - QUT IHBI
  • Dr Angela White - QUT IHBI
  • Amy Kelly - QUT IHBI
  • Associate Professor Jason Connor (University of Queensland)
  • Dr Judy Proudfoot (Black Dog Institute)
  • Dr Frances Kay-Lambkin (University of New South Wales)
  • Associate Professor Britt Klein (Swinburne University of Technology)
The export process of service firms bringing foreign customers to the domestic market
  • Dr Constanza Bianchi (Queensland University of Technology).
Promoting youth wellbeing through participatory digital Media (ARC Linkage Grant) Leveraging mobile phone technology to influence responsible drinking behaviours (ARC Discovery Grant)
  • Associate Professor Jason Connor - UQ
  • Dr Angela White - UQ
  • Dr Josephine Previte - UQ
  • Professor David Kavanagh - QUT
  • Dr Doan Tjonddronegoro - QUT
  • Dr Marie-Louise Fry (Griffith University)
  • 2008: Best Paper Award - 2008 Australian and New Zealand Academy Marketing Conference,  Advertising avoidance in the online social networking environment
  • 2006: Best Paper Award - 2006 Australian and New Zealand Academy Marketing Conference, Consumer Appraisals of Mobile Marketing Communications
  • 2006: Best Paper Award - 2006 3rd Australian Nonprofit and Social Marketing Conference, Exploring M-Consumers' Transitioning between Vulnerability and Responsibility: An M-Gambling Consumption Study
  • 2001: Best Paper Award - 2001 14th Small Enterprise Association of Australia and New Zealand Conference, Impact of Personal Characteristics on Small Business Internet Strategy and Performance


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Seamless Journeys to Work for Young Adults with Physical Disabilities
Primary fund type
CAT 1 - Australian Competitive Grant
Project ID
Start year
Advancing Prevention Science: Application of Social Marketing to Change the Drinking Culture of Young Australians
Primary fund type
CAT 1 - Australian Competitive Grant
Project ID
Start year
Social Marketing; Alcohol; Adolescents
Leveraging Mobile Phone Technology to Influence Responsible Drinking Behaviours
Primary fund type
CAT 1 - Australian Competitive Grant
Project ID
Start year
Social Marketing; Women's Health; Responsible Alcohol Drinking
Promoting Youth Wellbeing Through Participatory Digital Media: A Multidisciplinary Assessment Of The Mental Health Outcomes Of Cyber-Participation
Primary fund type
CAT 1 - Australian Competitive Grant
Project ID
Start year
Creative Industries; Media Participation; Participatory Digital Media; Youth Participation; Youth Wellbeing; National Wellbeing