Dr Geoff Smith

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Research Manager, SecondBite


I am a versatile social and behavioural research professional with 20 years’ experience in a variety of sectors –including food relief, blood donation, education, and public health. I focus on continuous improvement, building relationships and delivering excellence.

My passion is using my strategy building and leadership skills to improve lives through innovative research and connecting people. I am committed to translatable research for organisations that improve lives using evidence based change and advocacy to do good in the community. I use innovative methods and human centred thinking to solve problems, build capacity of people and organisations and to drive academic agendas. Importantly I can deliver this inclusively and ethically, through innovative methods that save time and money.

My aim is to carry out applied social research that improves lives, seeking out high-profile challenges and implementing innovative solutions to address persistent issues while creating a positive and enjoyable work environment and lasting relationships.