Eligibility and submissions

Eligibility and submissions

Anyone can enter and entries may be submitted as an individual or group. Entrants are strongly encouraged to co-create with others and particularly older people, their families and community support members. It is also recommended that you use the guide to Human Centred Design and WHO’s Age Friendly Cities and Communities framework.

Submission guidelines

  1. Submit the expression of interest form to receive the latest competition information.
  2. Submit the Senior Living Innovation Challenge online application form by 5pm (AEST) Tuesday 7 November, providing:
    1. Your personal details and information of team members (if applicable).
    2. Describe the challenge as you see it, the insights used and any references for those insights.
    3. Describe your methodology and details of those you co-created the application with.
    4. Rationale for your method and outcomes (consider the background information and the persona used).
    5. Include the link or ‘embed code’ (URL) to your video (see submission format).
  3. If your entry is shortlisted, you will be required to submit a full proposal according to the instructions provided.

Submission format

Stage 1: Innovative idea

The format required for presenting your idea is a 3-5 minute maximum video. The organising committeeand judges will need to access and download your video. Once uploaded, copy of the link or ‘embed code’ (URL) need to be shared and submit with your online registration. Please ensure that we will be able to access your video using your provided URL during the competition timeline. In order to protect your privacy and to only share your entry with us, please consider configure privacy setting of your video
hosting provider so the video is only accessible by you and us.

The style for communicating your idea is open, but please address the challenges and the outputs mentioned in each of the competition categories.

Stage 2: Full proposal

The format of your proposal may consist of a combination of statements and drawings. The shortlisted entrants will be given detailed requirements for the full proposal and also engagement opportunities with a SLI Partner to assist in the development of the proposal.


Stage 1: Questions may be submitted to the panel to clarify the brief or other competition details by 5PM (AEST) Tuesday 24 October 2017. Answers to the questions will be posted on the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Contact us page.

Stage 2: Only shortlisted entrants will be contacted. Successful entrants will be provided with the detailed requirements for stage 2. Potentially entrants may be offered opportunity to engage with a Senior Living Innovation Partner to further develop a full proposal.

How will the outcomes of this competition be used?

Senior Living Innovation will use the stage 1 and stage 2 submissions to:

  1. Challenge thinking, inform new conversations and create new ideas for future seniors.
  2. Inform, test and contribute to developing new designs and technologies, forward-looking models and designs for the challenges facing people as they age.
  3. All images used for the purposes outlined above will be credited to the winning individual, group or organisation.
  4. Whilst there is no commitment to develop or build any of the designs, we may seek specific proposals from one or more entrants to provide design/development services for a fee.

Please note the provisions regarding intellectual property and moral rights for the submissions made by entrants are set out in the competition terms and conditions.