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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Based on the information, it seems I don’t need design draft (drawings) for stage 1, the only material need to be submit is a video, is it right?
A: Stage 1 submission is only the registration form (including a link to the video). You could include anything (including drawings) as part of the video.
Q: Do I have to provide a design draft (drawing) for stage 2? It says the “proposal may consist of a combination of statements and drawings” so, I’d like to confirm whether the drawing is compulsory.
A: Stage 2 submission will consist of a combination of statements and drawings. Drawings will be part of the proposal submission, however, we will not go into a very detailed design.
Q: In stage 2, it says there is a chance that “a SLI Partner to assist in the development of the proposal”,so will they assist with insight concepts or assist will technology or design skills?
A: SLI Partners will not assist with technology and design skills. They will assist with insight concepts and additional inputs for the second step.
Q: If I recruit community members as participants, do I need to list them in my application form? In such a case, do I need to apply ethics to any extent?
A: If community members are part of the team, please include them. If the community members are only informants, they do not have to be included in the application form (just refer to them in a general way – don’t list names). You will need ethical clearance if it is necessary (please contact us if you think you might need ethical approval).
Q: I noticed that item “14” in the t&cs discusses IP. However, I am still unsure that if I participant in this Challenge, will I still hold my IP after stage 1 or stage 2? For example, if I successfully enrolled in stage 2 and developed a full proposal, am I still the only IP holder of my design? After the challenge, am I free to publish articles about the concept?
A: You will still own the IP and will be able to publish any articles in the preparation of the design/ proposal. However, you will not be able to publish the actual proposal prior getting approval from Senior Living Innovation.


Further Questions?

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