Categories and prizes


The Senior Living Innovation Challenge has two stages and three categories:

  1. Design a new community
  2. Create new products and services for the future
  3. Wildcard

Participants may enter as many of the categories as desired, but must only address one category per entry. There is no limit to the number of entries per entrant.

Considerations for all categories

When communicating your idea, consider:

  1. How you communicate to people over 65 years.
  2. How your concept redefines and rethinks ‘old’ and ‘older’.
  3. How you will communicate the problem or challenge as you see it.
  4. The impact your idea will have and why.

Category 1: Design a new community

The problem

During our lifetime, we will move homes several times. From our family home to our first home, to new homes in different locations. As we grow older our needs and desires may change and alternative accommodation options are required (known as downsizing or rightsizing). There are currently limited housing options for people over 65 such as retirement and over 50’s lifestyle villages. However these models of housing are unpopular, with research indicating up to 94% of Australian seniors are not interested in living in a gated community for seniors.

Your challenge

Design a community that offers a new approach for people up to 110 years. Constraints include:

  1. Mixed use. You should consider lifestyle, activities, space, nature and intergenerational mix.
  2. Up to a 3000m2 parcel of land with a height limit of eight storeys.
  3. Located within an Urban setting.
Other considerations
  • Design in community
  • Create spaces where people can engage public transport and/or mobility
  • Vibrant urban environment
  • Facilitating social connectedness and neighbourhood connectedness

Your submission should also address:

  1. Why your community is unique and how it differs to a traditional suburb or community.
  2. Why would someone choose to live in your community?
  3. Who is your target resident?
  4. Size of land / height.
  5. How products and services will cater to both older people and multigenerations.
  6. How your community design caters for everyone.

Create a design that offers a new approach to ‘community’. Your community should be targeted specifically for people over 65, but appeal to all ages. Consider how you will communicate your concept to people of all ages.

Category 2: Create new products and services for the future

The problem

Seniors want and need opportunities to make a continuing contribution to society and to be part of a diverse, multigenerational community. Despite health concerns, older Australians believe there are more adventures and dreams to be fulfilled. The issue is that many products and services developed for seniors are based on ‘old’ stereotypes or a technological solution focused on solving problems.

Your challenge

Develop new service and/products for older Australians that meet individual needs and enable participation in a full, vibrant life. Your idea should:

  1. Support people to contribute to their community throughout their life.
  2. Consider the relationship between social connectedness and technology, understanding that using technology doesn’t necessarily result in strong social connections.
  3. Use technology as a social ‘enabler’ rather than a monitor.
  4. Take a low/high tech approach that focuses on a higher quality of life.
  5. Recognise that face-to-face delivery is important for some health services as some older people build trust through regular and reliable interactions with others.

Your concept should take a new approach to services and/or products challenging ‘old’ stereotypes and focusing on supporting seniors to engage in their community.

Category 3: Wildcard


Propose an original and creative idea that doesn’t fit into category one or two, but is aligned with the competition purpose and vision. Include a brief statement about the problem or issues your idea will address and outline the impact it will have on people over 65.


A total of $20,000 (inc. GST) will be awarded to one or more submissions based on the assessment by the judging team on:

  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Clarity of purpose
  • Ability to be implemented
  • Value to consumers and/or community
  • Fit
  • Inspiration

Read more about the evaluation criteria used by judges in the Senior Living Innovation Challenge booklet (p15).

Prize money is payable within 30 days of the determination of the winner(s). Refer to the terms and conditions for more information.