Why are we doing it?

Why are we doing it?

Australians have one of the longest life expectancies in the world and the proportion of people aged over 65 is projected to more than double by 2054-55.

BUT. . . the way we age is changing. For example, Baby Boomers are ageing, but they aren’t ‘getting old’.

Older Australians who are secure in their accommodation are more likely to remain employed and in good health.

The ‘new senior’ expects to lead an active life and to maintain community participation and social connections. In other words, they expect to maintain their contribution and value within society.

In contrast, society conceptualises ageing as a problem or challenge to be managed, a concept often mirrored in the traditional “village” model of retirement living. These concepts reduce senior living to a single dimensional stereotype and are not responsive to a growing sector with broader and more complex consumer expectations.

By transforming experiences of senior living through innovative models, services and infrastructure, SLI’s aim is to reconceptualise the senior living experience and deliver an evidence base to engage with the ‘new and emerging’ seniors and their active lifestyles. SLI focuses on developing novel models, designs and technologies for challenges facing the senior living industry.


Baby Boomers are ageing, but they’re not ‘getting old’