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PhD (University of Cambridge), MPhil (Educational Research) (University of Cambridge), BEd (Queensland University of Technology), BAppSci (Queensland University of Technology)

Sonia White is a Principal Research Fellow (ARC: DECRA) in the School of Early Childhood and Inclusive Education. Her research interests focus on number and arithmetic development in children. Most recently Dr White has used behavioural, eye tracking and cognitive neuroscience methods to examine the different numerical processes that are the foundation of mathematics. These areas include the acquisition of Arabic digits and their semantic properties, spatial numerical associations, along with various elements of strategy application. Dr White is keen to further explore the underpinning cognitive mechanisms of arithmetic skills; with particular interest in the intuitive strategies employed by children during the first years of formal schooling. Understanding more about the development of numerical processing skills could have implications for curriculum construction, but also facilitate the design of early diagnostic and effective intervention programs for children with mathematics difficulties.

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