Michelle Cooney

In it for the long haul: A qualitative study of personal factors influencing teacher resilience in supporting students with autism

Empirical research on teacher attrition has dominated scholarship in the field of education. Considering that the literature on teacher resilience in the area of disabilities is limited and heavily focused on the contribution of external factors on teacher resilience, this research project aims to generate insights into the role that personal factors (such as resilience attributes, personal values, professional knowledge, teaching experience) play in the development of resilience in teachers who support students with autism in special or inclusive settings. In addition, existing research on teacher resilience has rarely compared the perspectives of teachers in special versus inclusive settings. To this end, this study will apply qualitative methods (interviews) for exploring the lived experiences of educators with at least five years of experience in teaching students with autism in special and inclusive settings in New South Wales.

Principal Supervisor: Dr Sofia Mavropoulou

Associate Supervisor: A/Prof Beth Saggers