Dr Lisa van Leent

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PhD (Queensland University of Technology), Master of Learning Innovation (Queensland University of Technology), Bachelor of Education (Queensland University of Technology)

Dr Lisa van Leent is a senior lecturer in the School of Teacher Education and Leadership within the Faculty of Education. Her research interests concern teacher support in relation to sex education, particularly in regards to diverse sexualities, and the improvement in support for LGBTIQ+ students in schools. Dr Lisa van Leent has higher education undergraduate and postgraduate teaching experience in the sociology of education, multiliteracies, digital literacies and English Curriculum. She has extensive experience as a primary classroom teacher. In 2014, she was awarded a Teaching and Learning Award for Teaching Excellence from the Executive Dean of the Faculty of Education at Queensland University of Technology. She completed her doctoral study, titled “Primary School Teachers’ Conceptions of Pedagogical Responses to Concepts of Diverse Sexualities” at Queensland University of Technology in 2014. Interestingly, teachers responded with uncertainty to a range of scenarios inclusive of diverse sexualities concepts as part of their daily work. Her future research interests involve how inclusivity is presented through ‘texts-in-use’ within a primary school context to promote critical awareness of heterosexism.  Dr Lisa van Leent hopes to explore how texts define the social co-ordination of heterosexism through identifying the connections between professional practice, policy, and the everyday lives of teachers, school administrators and staff.