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BSpPath (University of Queensland), M.Phil (Education) (Queensland University of Technology)

Ms Haley Tancredi is a research assistant and sessional academic in the School of Early Childhood and Inclusive Education within the Faculty of Education at QUT. Haley is a research assistant to Professor Linda Graham.

Haley is a certified practising speech pathologist, with a 15-year career as an educational speech pathologist. In 2018, Haley completed her Master of Philosophy (Education) under the supervision of Professor Linda Graham and Associate Professor Sonia White, titled “Adjusting language barriers in secondary classrooms through professional collaboration based on student consultation”. In this project, Haley investigated the outcomes of professional collaboration between teachers and speech pathologists to design student-informed education adjustments for adolescents with Developmental Language Disorder. Haley’s research and clinical interests are inclusive pedagogical practices, adolescents with language and learning disorders and professional collaboration in inclusive classrooms.

Haley won the AARE Postgraduate Student Researcher award in 2018 for her paper “Meeting obligations to consult students with disability: Methodological considerations and successful elements for consultation”. Haley will commence her PhD in 2020, as part of the Australian Research Council Linkage funded project “Improving outcomes through accessible assessment and inclusive practices”.

Haley is a co-convenor of the AARE Inclusive Education Special Interest Group and is active on twitter @HaleyTanc

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