Professor Beth Saggers

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PhD (University of Queensland), MEd (University of Queensland), BEd (Queensland University of Technology), Diploma of Teaching (Queensland University of Technology)

My  research  focuses on maximizing the success of schooling experiences for diverse learners, their families and  school communities. My research focuses on the use of qualitative and  mixed methods methodologies to strengthen our understanding from a range of perspectives of  inclusive practices for  learners on the autism spectrum and  learners with complex needs. My research focuses on strengthening student voice in research. I have been the research lead for a range of different research projects as part of the Autism CRC that have local, state, national and international impact in the field. My position as an academic was born from my strong belief and passion for lifelong learning as well as a hunger for knowledge for the “real world” to inform my professional practice and research. My research has a strong transdisciplinary and translational focus which is end-user driven with end-user outcomes.

My career has focused on the development of knowledge and expertise in inclusive education principles and practices, specifically in the field of autism. My effective leadership in my teaching and learning, research activities work to meet current priorities of end-users within the field of education and allied fields.  My academic leadership and authority in the field of autism is driven by the need for end-user driven research to develop evidence based inclusive educational practices to cater to the diversity on 21st century classrooms and support some of the more complex needs learners may experience in school environments.

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