Collaborative Partnerships in Action

The Collaborative Partnerships in Action research project aims to further extend and translate the results of the Australian Autism Spectrum Disorder Educational Needs Analysis (ASD-ENA) by producing professional educational support products, that map over time, real life examples of collaborative education partnerships in action.

The products created will be multimedia educational resources that demonstrate through these real-life examples, how educational communities (e.g. teacher, parent, student on the spectrum), tracked across a school year, can work together collaboratively to support the needs of students on the autism spectrum. These products will empower school communities to not only take into account the voice of students on the autism spectrum and their families but also provide educators with real life working examples of how in line with the ASD- ENA results, collaborative partnerships can work positively to support them to adjust teaching practices to meet the needs of this student cohort.

Funding / Grants

  • Autism CRC

Chief Investigators