Higher Degree Research

SELB has now become the Centre for Inclusive Education (C4IE).

For all enquiries, please visit research.qut.edu.au/c4ie

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The Student Engagement, Learning and Behaviour Research Group – or #SELB as we like to call ourselves – is a group of academics and HDR students with a common interest in students’ educational experiences and outcomes.

Key strengths include: bullying, children’s rights, classroom interactions, dis/engagement, equity; student achievement, behaviour, diversity and voice; inclusive education, learning design and environments, school discipline policy and practice, and teacher-student relationships.

If you are interested in researching a related topic, why not join our team of Higher Degree Research students and enrol in an M.Phil, EdD or PhD?


Our supervisors are leaders in their fields and offer exceptional mentoring support. You’ll be part of an exciting research culture with regular seminars and workshops. This link will tell you if you are eligible for scholarships or funding:


What topics can I research?

The PhD topics below have been developed to align with current and emerging areas of interest among #SELB members.

  • What are the most common behaviour management practices used in Australian schools and to what extent do these respect the rights of the child?
  • How is student voice enabled in schools, whose voices are heard, and what level of input do students want in relation to decisions impacting their schooling experiences?
  • Identifying evidence and testing effectiveness: How can schools best support junior secondary students with low literacy and numeracy skills?
  • Investigating the prevalence of, reasons for and alternatives to informal suspension and restrictive practices in Australian schools.
  • How inclusive is the use of new technologies in education? Investigating BYOD, flipped learning and app use in schools
  • What can we learn from parents of students with disability about parent-school partnerships?
  • Improving senior secondary school achievement outcomes for students with ADHD and Developmental Language Disorder
  • What impact, if any, is technological disruption, automation and AI having on young peoples’ future decision-making?
  • Testing NAPLAN: investigating the generation and use of student achievement data in QLD schools
  • What counts as a “supplementary” adjustment? Investigating teachers’ understandings of ‘reasonable adjustments’ and knowledge of the Nationally Consistent Collection of Data (NCCD) on students with disability?

The above topics are suggestions and you can adapt them to fit your specific interest or develop another topic relating to your own experiences and concerns.