Book Launch: School Spaces for Student Wellbeing and Learning

School Spaces for Student Wellbeing and Learning seeks to promote the creation of school spaces that are conducive to contemporary learning and wellbeing. It offers a selection of transferable student-centred design approaches that are participatory and values based.

At this book launch, editors Associate Professor Hilary Hughes, Professor Jill Franz and Dr Jill Willis, along with a number of authors, share and celebrated this work, discussing how school spaces can be used to maximise student wellbeing and learning into the future.

Dr Jill Willis introduces the editors and authorship team

Dr Janet Buchan, Director Centre for Innovation, Lourdes Hill College
What is the significance of school spaces and why we should pay attention to design?

Author Cameos: Insights from Research and Practice

Professor Jill Franz, Creative Industries Faculty, QUT
Wellbeing, inter-disciplinary research and future directions

 The slides presented at the Book Launch are available here (shared with permission from authors).

Congratulations to the team on this exciting and innovative piece of work!


Start Date: 21/06/2019