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Members of the Student Engagement, Learning and Behaviour Research Group (SELB) are engaged in quality research that aims to improve the educational experiences and outcomes of all children and young people, but particularly those who experience difficulty in schools and with learning.

Our research strategy


Our research is designed to drive changes in the real world, including:

  • improved engagement, support and opportunities for students with diverse abilities, interests and backgrounds
  • increased understanding of and attention to the relational and emotional aspects of teaching and learning
  • greater representation of children and young people in educational decision-making.


Research areas of focus

We are investigating how to:

  • capture and use student voice as a catalyst for teacher professional learning and the development of more inclusive schools
  • enable classroom teachers to meet student needs through differentiation of curriculum, pedagogy and assessment
  • identify and support children experiencing difficulty with learning, language and/or behaviour in the early years of school
  • enhance the wellbeing of students with challenging behaviour and the wellbeing of their teachers.