Research Students

Current PhD Students

A. Premasiri S. Elanattil
C. Park W. Tuerxun
A. Khatun D. Priyasad
M. Jain K. Vidanapathirana
I. Chowdhury M. Rahman
T. Dissanayake J. Knights
E. Goan

Past Students: PhD and Masters by Research

The SAIVT research program has graduated 79 PhD students and 14 Masters by Research students. SAIVT graduates are highly sort after and are employed in leading universities, research institutions, and companies, both in Australia and overseas. Several of our students hold key leadership positions in these organisations. Key graduate destination of our students include: CSIRO (Australia), Dolby Laboratory (Australia), DST (Australia), Canon Information Systems Research (Australia), Carnegie Mellon University (USA), IBM Watson Research Centre (USA), Advanced Analytics at Expedia (Switzerland), Microsoft (China), Google (Australia), STATS (USA), Stanford Research International (USA), Disney Research (USA), University College of London (UK), University of Oxford (UK), Uber (USA), IDIAP Research Institute (Switzerland), Special Operations Solutions (USA).