Time's Up Interaction


Time’s Up! Is a digital interactive experience inspired by experiences shared by aged care workers in submissions to the Royal Commission into Aged Care, and other papers such as ‘A Day in the Life of a Personal Carer’, published by the Health Workers Union–which highlight the challenges that personal care workers endure working in residential aged care facilities. As discovered in the Royal Commission, many of these challenges are related to a lack of resources and understaffing. While personal care workers comprise 60% of the aged care workforce, their experiences and recommendations are rarely heard in policy reform. The Time’s Up! interaction invites people in an exhibition setting to conceptually complete the shift of a personal care worker in aged care by completing tasks before a 60-second timer runs out. However, in using a designed-to-fail approach, the interaction is aimed at fostering a feeling of discomfort or frustration within the player, provoking deeper reflection on the complex challenges of aged care, and hopefully encouraging those who interact with it to empathise with aged care workers.

Watch a short video of undergraduate designer Matthew Todd introducing Time’s Up!:

Below are some information panels about ‘Time’s Up!’ which were developed for the ‘Time to Listen’ exhibition: