Co-Creating Interactive Artworks using ML & AI

Interactive Artworks

This work centred around the creation of audience-led experiences which encourage viewers to meaningfully interact with and become a part of an artwork–a process that turns people from passive audiences into engaged, active co-creators.

Unlike traditional art forms, this work is ‘unfinished’ until the audience actively interacts with it, with their agency, self-expression and voice changing the interactive artwork’s form in observably different ways (Seevinck, 2017).

These installations draw on data collected throughout the project—including imagery, text, video and photographs produced by aged care residents, journalists, and industry professionals alike – and communicate it in an artistic, interactive format.

The ultimate aim of this work is to dismantle the boundaries between residents and the community through innovative situated encounters that make aged care residents visible and amplify their voices.

Artworks / Prototypes

Not/Be Heard is an installation which visualizes the words of a witness for the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety (2019), alongside insights from commission reports, through exploratory sketches with found and concrete poetry. Machine learning has additionally been used to parse international interpretations of caring, via image search and generation. These experimental processes have enabled elicitation and interpretation of concepts and generation, direction and curation of visual forms.

Below is a link to the video submission for Augmented Creativity workshop at Creativity and Cognition Conference 2022, Venice Italy, where CI Jen Seevinck describes her trajectory and potential for integrating machine learning and AI into new art-making processes – by augmenting opportunities for voice, and for visual textures and grounds, and its potential for application in this project, particularly in the work Not/Be Heard.


Below are some information panels about Not/Be Heard, which were developed for the ‘Time to Listen’ exhibition:

Participate, Co-create, Advocate

As part of Melbourne Design Week 2023, we ran a workshop guiding participants through a hands-on experience translating policy submissions (from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety) into emotive and engaging found poems, integrated with visuals to become a collaborative digital art installation. After creating

found poems, CI Jen Seevinck guided participants on subsequent visual interpretations of poetry snippets through collages from media images and composing text strings for machine language algorithms to generate imagery; with text and image subsequently being published (live) into a collaborative interactive artistic visualisation installed in the workshop space.


Watch a video of the workshop:

Project Outcomes


  • Not/Be Heard. ‘Time to Listen’: Amplifying Voices from the Royal Commission into Aged Care through Art & Design, at ‘Design for Change: Designing the world we want’ Conference, The Sphere, QUT Brisbane.


  • Melbourne Design Week 2023, The Hanger, RMIT Melbourne
  • Augmented Creativity workshop at Creativity and Cognition Conference 2022, Venice Italy