Dr Timothy Molloy

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PhD (Queensland University of Technology), Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace Avionics) (Queensland University of Technology)

I am a Research Associate at QUT on industry-funded and ARC projects to investigate enabling signal processing and control technologies for autonomous mid-air collision avoidance and vision-based detect and avoid (DAA). I am the recipient of an Advance Queensland Early-Career Research Fellowship Safely Guiding Unmanned Aircraft Through Queensland Skies to develop novel control and guidance strategies for unmanned aircraft in potential collision scenarios. This fellowship is supported by Boeing Research and Technology Australia, QUT, and the Queensland State Government. More broadly, my research interests span the fields of control engineering, signal processing, information theory, and robotics. I have particular interest in the problems of robust detection and estimation, inverse optimal control, and inverse dynamic and differential game theory.

I received the B.E. (Aero Av) and Ph.D. degrees from QUT in 2010 and 2015, respectively. I was awarded a QUT University Medal in 2010 for exceptional academic performance in B.E. (Aero Av), and a QUT Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award in 2016 for outstanding contribution to the field of study and excellence in higher degree research practice.

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