Public events

Robotronica 2017

Robotronica will return to QUT’s Gardens Point Precinct on 20 August this year to reveal the most up to date advancements and innovations in the fields of robotics and interactive design. This all-day, all-ages free event will have QUT abuzz with demonstrations, workshops, games and discussions that will inform, inspire and amaze you.

There’s something for everyone at this year’s Robotronica: Take a selfie and chat with social robot, Pepper. Be the first to program a robot at Code-A-Bot, The Cube’s latest screen project based around a fictional recycling facility run entirely by robots. Find out from US world-leading roboticist Professor Ron Arkin how sneaky robots can trick you. What are the moral and ethical implications? And get hands on with the ethical and moral implications of self-driving cars yourselves!

Bookings for talks and workshops open in late-July. To be the first to hear about Robotronica events and bookings sign up to QUT Precincts eNews

The Robotics and Autonomous Systems discipline will showcase several exciting research projects and robots during Robotronica. Details will be released soon.


Robotronica 2015

Over 18,000 people converged on QUT’s Gardens Point campus to catch a glimpse into society’s robotic future. QUT pulled together an all-star cast of world firsts in robotics for its popular Robotronica spectacular on August 23, 2015, and RAS was an essential part of it. We showcase

d our Baxter robot playing Connect Four with the Robotronica visitors, demonstrated the AgBot II, let interested kids control a robot arm to pick up objects, had the people interact with the Guiabot robot Casper, and fascinated the audience with our robot lightcubes dancing with human musicians on stage.


Academic Conferences and Workshops

We are proudly hosting the International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) in May 2018, the world’s largest general robotics conference. It is a premier international forum for robotics researchers to present their work. Established in 1984 and held annually, the conference joins experts in the field of robotics and automation for technical communications through presentations and discussions. The conference creates a remarkable environment to indulge all the delegates in the frontier of science and technology in robotics and automation.

ICRA 2018 will take place in Brisbane’s Convention & Exhibition Centre in South Bank.

ICRA 2018 is supported by a number of our academics in official roles: Prof Peter Corke serves as Program Chair, Prof Jonathan Roberts is Competitions Chair, Assoc Prof Luis Mejias helps maintaining the high quality of the scientific program as Publication Chair, and  Dr Thierry Peynot serves as Local Arrangement Chair.


RAS researchers are very active organising workshops at academic conferences on exciting research topics.




Amazon Robotics Challenge 2017

PhD students, undergrads and postdocs from RAS / ACRV and the University of Adelaide won the Amazon Robotics Challenge 2017! The team is lead by Dr Juxi Leitner. The work for the challenge involved the team flying to Nagoya, Japan in July to compete against some of the best robotics research groups from around the world.

RobotX Challenge 2016

In December 2016, a team of seven students and two academics from QUT participated for the second time in the biennial International Maritime RobotX Challenge (RobotX). This competition focuses on autonomous surface vessels performing complex tasks related to real-world maritime applications such as autonomous docking and obstacle avoidance. The effort of teamQUT brought Australia to the second place of the challenge winning a cash prize of $10,000. See the robot in action.

Amazon Picking Challenge 2016

Led by Dr Juxi Leitner, members of RAS and the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision competed at the Amazon Picking Challenge at RoboCup 2016 in Leipzig, Germany against 15 other teams from around the globe. The team of undergraduate students, PhD students, and postdocs delivered a formidable performance that earned them the 6th place in the picking competition.

To hear team members talk about the challenge, and get an impression what it was like to compete in it, and what they learned from it all, watch the video below: