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RAMSR (Rhythm and Movement for Self-Regulation) is a program for young children that aims to support their attentional and emotional regulation skills, as well as mental flexibility, inhibition, and working memory (the executive functions).

The program was first designed and piloted in 2016 by Associate Professor Kate Williams (Queensland University of Technology) and her music therapy and early childhood music education colleagues. It is based on a number of neurological areas of research, including music therapy, the cognitive benefits of music education, and self-regulation development.

Evidence from two studies have found that children who engage in RAMSR with their educators have improved emotional, cognitive, and behavioural self-regulation. Educators involved in the study had no music background at all but gained skills and confidence in using these activities with children.


Apply to have your course fully funded: RAMSR Scholarship.

To meet the RAMSR vision, each year several RAMSR Scholarships that cover the cost of training are offered upon application. These are in the categories of:

  • Pre-service educator RAMSR scholarship [for an individual still studying to become qualified as an educator]
  • Pre-service allied health RAMSR scholarship (e.g. music therapy, OT, PT etc) [for an individual still studying to become qualified in an allied health profession]
  • Developing country RAMSR scholarship
  • Australian rural / remote RAMSR scholarship
  • 2022 Australian flood impact RAMSR scholarship

Included in the bursary are:

  • Full registration to the RAMSR Module online (valued at $418) – moderated for 6 weeks each quarter, with awardee having 3 years of access to complete the course.
  • One online coaching session with RAMSR Master Coach (valued at $350) – to be scheduled within 3 months of the commencement of the RAMSR Module. Note: this is optional.

To complete participation in the award successful applicants will need to be able to:

  • Have internet access that will allow them to engage in the online course on a weekly basis over 6 weeks
  • Be working or volunteering in (or seek access to) a setting with children aged 3 to 8 years (group or individual) to enable weekly practice of RAMSR activities over 4 weeks during the course
  • Have access to an audio playing device with internet access to enable download of audio tracks (e.g., phone, iPad, laptop).
  • Print a 120-page resource booklet in colour in their own location
  • Source pairs of basic rhythm sticks for their setting (pencils can be used)
  • Source the suggested animal castanets for the program, or alternatively coloured pencil pairs in three different colours

The selection of awardees will be completed by at least 3 members of the RAMSR team and will include:

  1. Eligibility check for each category based on above criteria
  2. Scoring out of 10 for extent to which qualitative claim is compelling
  3. Averaging of scores across the panel
  4. If multiple applications within each category score at the same level, a random number generator will be used to select the bursary awardee.
  5. Unsuccessful awardees will be encouraged to apply in the following round

RAMSR scholarships are currently closed. Please check back in March and we will be opening our scholarship round later in 2023.