RAMSR at home: COVID 19 resources

On this page we provide free RAMSR sessions for use at home by parents and children, or by educators while we have remote learning in place. In the first video Associate Professor Kate Williams explains how her Rhythm and Music for Self-Regulation (RAMSR) program will help get children’s brains active and engaged for a day of learning and play.

Two 20-minute RAMSR sessions are then available. These are a fun and easy way for children aged 2-8 years old to get their brains active for a day of learning and play and to help synchronise and calm. Follow Kate as she guides your child through music and movement-based activities proven to help children’s attentional and emotional regulation skills.


Epidsode 1

Episode 2


Start the Day with a Song! Podcast- Queensland University of Technology Teacher Podcast. Interview with Associate Professor Kate Williams.

If self-regulation skills are the foundation of effective learning, how do we build them? Dr Kate Williams believes the answer can be found in music. In this episode she explains how dancing, singing and playing musical instruments at the start of a school day can get young minds in tune with the first lesson. Don’t have any instruments? Don’t worry. Kate believes clapping, chanting and drumming with pencils can do wonders.


Feed Play Love podcast

Many children love to dance and make music. Now research has found that getting involved in both, at least twice a week, can greatly improve their ability to self-regulate. Associate Professor Kate Williams designed a program for preschool children and observed the impact on 113 children. Kate explains what exercises are included in the program, and why they work so well to help our children get ready for school.

Parenting in a Pandemic podcast – Episode 17: Using music to support family wellbeing

Music is known as the universal language, it is pervasive, all around us, and generally accessible to everyone. But you may not be aware of the many developmental and wellbeing benefits that music can support.

During this time of COVID-19, when there might be some stress and anxiety in the house, and tension in family relationships at times, music is a wonderful parenting tool. Music can soothe, boost energy, and help families connect.

Today we have parenting and family psychology expert, Professor Matt Sanders, and childhood social emotional development expert Associate Professor Kate Williams from the School of Early Childhood and Inclusive Education at Queensland University of Technology here to share some great tips for helping families to use music to support their children’s wellbeing and family connections at this time.