Webinar: Cultural and Creative Engagement as Enablers of Wellbeing and Social Inclusion

The RAASI team is thrilled to be presenting a public webinar for The CREATE Centre at the University of Sydney next month. Register for free to join the conversation.

Webinar: Cultural and Creative Engagement as Enablers of Wellbeing and Social Inclusion

6:30pm AEST Thursday 23rd September 2021

The past twenty years has seen a dramatic increase in research into the effects of arts and cultural engagement on the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities (Fancourt and Finn 2019: vii). The Creative Health Inquiry Report (APPGAHW 2017) and the ArtPlace America white paper Creating Healthy Communities (Sonke et al. 2019) represent two significant recent efforts to assert the role of the arts in advancing health and wellbeing. Both reports advocate community-based and societal approaches to improving wellbeing through the arts.

In Australian regional communities our research shows the value of arts and cultural engagement is in social bonding and bridging that allows individuals and communities to develop a “sense of connectedness, self-understanding and identity construction, as well as a sense of belonging with, or pride in, one’s community” (Brown and Novak 2007 and 2013).

Using outcomes from an Australian Council Research Project (2019-2022) investigating the impact of arts and cultural engagement in regional Australian communities, this presentation examines the connection between wellbeing and social inclusion through an arts and creativity lens. Locating the examination of wellbeing and social inclusion in community-initiated projects in central western Queensland, “The Lost Art“, and northwest Tasmania, “Shorewell Presents… Dear Friend“, the presentation illustrates through these projects how creative and cultural activities maintain social connection, avoid potential social fragmentation, and support wellbeing.

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