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We train world-class students, researchers and practitioners through a culture of collaborative research training. We continuously create opportunities for our students and researchers to engage and network with professionals from external organisations.

Why complete your research degree with us?

Completing your research degree with our Centre offers you a world of opportunities. Throughout your research degree you will:

  • participate in an active local, national and international community of research in data science
  • be able to promote your expertise and activities on the Centre website and communication channels
  • have access to information about research projects and outputs, funding opportunities, external projects, visitors, jobs and other professional activities
  • increase your opportunities for joint publications, grant submissions and collaborative research
  • be invited to participate in research activities, seminar series and external networking events
  • take advantage of opportunities to engage with experts in data science.

Current opportunities, projects and scholarships

Data science for sustainability in Antarctica

Securing Antarctica’s Environmental Future (SAEF) is an Australian Research Council Special Research Initiative that aims to strengthen Antarctic science, policy and governance at a time of rapid environmental and geopolitical change. The initiative will deliver interdisciplinary science to forecast environmental change across the Antarctic region, to deploy effective environmental stewardship strategies in the face of this change and to secure Antarctica as a natural reserve devoted to peace and science.

Our researchers Distinguished Professor Kerrie Mengersen, Dr Kate Helmstedt and Dr Matthew Adams are key members of the SAEF research team.

There are six Antarctic-focused PhD projects. Please contact the supervisors listed in these projects if you are interested.

  • Mathematical modelling of ecosystem tipping points in Antarctica
  • Modelling and managing uncertain Antarctic species networks
  • Optimal conservation management in uncertain Antarctic environments
  • Using catastrophe theory to prepare for global warming in Antarctica
  • Understanding international governance in Antarctica through cooperative game theory
  • Bayesian inference meets value-of-information: how much more data do we really need for management of ecological networks?

Find our more here.

Fresh Supply Co: modelling risk in agricultural production to improve lending decisions (PhD scholarship)

A scholarship for PhD students to engage in statistics and data science applications in the agriculture sector. Your work will support agricultural producers in obtaining more cost-effective loans. On the technical side, the research involves data analysis, modelling and simulation.

This is an outstanding opportunity to engage in statistics and data science applications in the agriculture sector. We anticipate this research will deliver:

  • valuable and real-world impact in the agriculture sector
  • novel statistical methodologies.

You will be working closely with Fresh Supply Co staff and your QUT supervisory team to:

  • ensure your research delivers impact
  • build your professional network.

You’ll gain valuable real-world experience in a nationally important industry, with excellent academic supervision through QUT’s Centre for Data Science.

Find out more here.

QLD Academy of Sport, Australian Institute of Sport, QUT Centre for Data Science PhD Scholarships in Data Science

The QUT Centre for Data Science (CDS), in partnership with the Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) and Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), are offering three PhD scholarships for targeted projects at the intersection of data science and the sports, sports science and sports medicine. They present an unique opportunity for methodological development and real-world collaboration via Australia’s high-performance sports network.

Find out more here.

Centre for Data Science/Queen’s Wharf Brisbane PhD Scholarships

The QUT Centre for Data Science / Queen’s Wharf Brisbane Scholarships seeks to undertake timely, data-informed insights about the Queen’s Wharf development that will inform communities and governments of similar large-scale infrastructure projects. The QWB is the development of a generation for Brisbane and promises to deliver significant benefits and impact for the city, regional areas and Queensland that need to be captured, measured and analysed. The QWB Longitudinal Study builds on an earlier joint project between QUT and the Queensland Government, and is a unique and critical strategic framework for evidence-based monitoring and decision-making that can be applied where any large-scale infrastructure projects are being considered.

Current topic areas include: (1) Public Sentiment: Community engagement for large-scale infrastructure projects, (2) The impacts of large-scale infrastructure projects on liveability.

Find out more here.

Rehabilitation, Neuromechanics and Muscle Function of the Should and Upper Limb

Four PhD scholarships are available at in the assessment of neuromechanics and muscle function of shoulder and upper limb movements. The project is part of an Industrial Transformation Training Centre (ITTC) funded by the Australian Research Council and led by researchers at Queensland University of Technology. The centre aims to advance personalised surgical treatment of joints by integrating computer tools for pre-surgical planning and decision making, computer simulation systems and robot simulators for surgical training. Understanding the effectiveness of these treatments requires assessment and analysis of functional movements in clinical and real-world environments. The successful PhD candidate will use new sensor and robotic assessment technologies in conjunction with advanced motion capture systems to record shoulder and upper limb functional movements.

Find out more here.

PhD Scholarships in Data Science (Australian Bureau of Statistics – QUT Centre for Data Science)

The Australian Bureau of Statistics and QUT Centre for Data Science are partners in a world leading program of research in data science in the government systems domain and in the priority areas of agriculture and geospatial statistics.

What’s in it for you?

  • Opportunity to work closely with the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
  • Opportunity to work with leading researchers in data science.
  • Access to large datasets.
  • Access to a community of like-minded data science researchers and practitioners.

There is one scholarship remaining for the project Optimisation of work processes focusing on identifying labour markets and functional areas. Find out more here.

Unlocking urban airspace for drone transport

PhD scholarships are available for full-time, highly motivated PhD candidates to perform cutting-edge research in drone (unmanned) traffic management for Australia. The scholarships are part of a Discovery Early Career Research Grant (DECRA) funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC) and supported by QUT’s Centre for Robotics  (QCR, and Centre for Data Science (CDS,

Successful applicants have the opportunity to generate new knowledge and create novel technologies for drone traffic management. Projects will typically require the use of programming for activities such as data/statistical analysis and visualisation, complex algorithm development, and simulation.

Find out more here.

Optimising sampling design for model discrimination of coral reef recovery

Natural disturbances including severe storms and bleaching events have devastating impacts on the Great Barrier Reef’s health. Unfortunately, the increasing pressures associated with climate change are causing these disturbances to occur more frequently, for a longer duration and with more intensity.

This Honours research project will explore and optimise the experimental design of reef monitoring for the purpose of discriminating between candidate reef recovery models. Learn more.



Other Scholarships

Centre co-funded scholarships

Our centre is committed to expanding the capacity of new PhD scholarship in the data science community in addition to those offered by QUT.

We offer co-funded scholarships from time to time, often in collaboration with industry partners or that fund projects with a strong industry focus. We will advertise co-funded scholarships here when scholarships are open for applications.

If you wish to undertake a research degree with us but do not require a scholarship (or will bring one with you), contact us at

Top-up scholarships

Have you received a QUT scholarship? You may also be eligible to apply for a top-up scholarship from the QUT Centre for Data Science PhD Top-Up Scheme. This will give you an additional $5,000 per annum for 3 years (full-time enrolment). Applications for this top-up scheme should be made through the proposed principal supervisor who must be a centre participant.

Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, we encourage applications from domestic and international students who already reside in Australia. For more information, contact

Find out more about the QUT Centre for Data Science Top-up Scholarships

Data science PhDs at QUT

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