Professor Yanming Feng

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Professor, School of Computer Science

PhD in Engineering (Wuhan Tech University of Surveying and Mapping)

Research theme: Information
Research discipline: Computer Science
Research area

  • Integrated wireless solutions for precise GNSS positioning services: Today, many different communication bearers exist, such as 3G cellular technology and Dedicated Short-range communications (DSRC), each one optimised for a specific set of applications. For GNSS RTK positioning services, no perfect communication technology exists for all types of mobile applications. The research seeks an integrated wireless solution for effective GNSS positioning services, based on Continuous Air-Interface for Long and Medium (CALM) standards.
  • Vehicle to Vehicle Communications and Cooperative Positioning: Wireless communications and precise navigation are two core technologies for road safety. Dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) supports Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V), Vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) communications. This research focus on use of DSRC standards for precise relative positioning between vehicles and vehicles to roadside station using low cost GNSS receivers and other wireless devices onboard vehicles.
  • GNSS satellite integrity monitoring: Failures could occur at system, operation and user levels of global satellite navigation systems (GNSS), especially for the new satellite systems to be launched in the next 5 years, such as Galileo, Compass and QZSS. This research will address the key technical challenges for ground based integrity determination system and how to make use of multiple satellite systems to detect the failures at the user ends.

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