PhD, School of Public Health and Social Work

Vishal is a PhD student at the School of Public Health and Social Work. The objective of his PhD is to assess the spatiotemporal distribution and trend of short-term and long-term effects of air pollution, bushfire smoke, meteorological conditions, and other environmental factors on cardiovascular disease hospitalisations. By identifying specific areas and communities with higher hospitalisation risks, his research would enable the public health sector to address the risk of developing or coping with cardiovascular disease at the population level through preventive strategies and improvements in health systems and services.

Vishal graduated with a Master of Health, Safety and Environment from QUT in 2020, and following his interests, he worked on a broad spectrum of research. He has previously led a systematic review on the effects of an endocrine disruptive chemical on human health, supported a project regarding the estimation of spatial disease rates from health statistics without geographic identifiers, and is currently building a shiny app for a project studying the effects of types of food establishments on body mass index of nearby populations.