Steven Liao

PhD, School of Information Systems

Yi Liao is currently a PhD student from Information Systems school in Queensland University of Technology (QUT). He graduated from Fudan University with a bachelor degree of Clinic Medicine in 2007. After graduation, he worked as a physician for many years. The experience in hospital inspired him with a passion for Information Technology (IT) as he believed the emerging technologies, such as “Big Data” and “Artificial Intelligence”, will be applied in the health care industry in the future so that people could deserve a better medical service. In 2017 he started to pursue a master degree of IT in QUT. He enjoyed studying mathematics and programming when he worked diligently on the major of computer science. Because of the excellent performance, he was awarded a place in Dean’s List for the consecutive four semesters. After completing the course for Master degree, he succeeded in an application for the scholarship that supports his PhD degree. His research topics involve machine learning, deep learning and AI. He will be dedicated to making as more contributions in the area of process mining as possible.