Stefani Sotomayor

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PhD researcher, School of Public Health & Social Work

Bachelor of Science (National University of Engineering, Peru)

Stefani is a PhD Researcher at Queensland University of Technology. Her research focus is on developing artificial intelligence (AI) models for public health, with particular interest in explainability. Stefani’s key interest is to encompass the power of Data Science and Machine Learning techniques, with her background in engineering, for developing integrated systems that generate actionable insights, to drive decision-making and engage a culture of trustworthiness for the benefit of society.

More details on my current research project supported by the QUT Centre for Data Science can be found here:

Research Interests

  • Machine learning
  • Hybrid models
  • Epidemiology

Research Project

Title: Data-driven Pandemic Response

Fund type: QUT Centre for Data Science

Start year: 2020

Find out more about Stefani and her research here: