Dr Robert Andrews

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Senior Research Fellow, School of Information Systems

PhD (Queensland University of Technology), MInfoTech (Queensland University of Technology), GDComComp (Queensland University of Technology), BEd (Brisbane College of Adv. Ed.), DipT (Kelvin Grove C.A.E)

Robert Andrews first joined QUT in 1990. During the period 1990-2001 he worked as an academic in the School of Information Systems, teaching mainly in relational database, and researching in the area of machine learning and explainable neural networks. He gained his PhD in this area in 2003 and spent the next 13 years as an IT consultant. In 2016, Robert Andrews re-joined the School of Information Systems' Business Process Management group in 2016 as a research fellow working on applying process mining techniques in the healthcare and insurance sectors. He is currently a senior research fellow working on projects involving pre-hospital transport and retrieval, patient journeys and outcomes following major trauma, and hospital capacity and case mix planning. Robert has a special interest in process-data quality.

Additional information

1990 - COBOL Programmer - SciTech (State Government Computing)

2001 - 2016 - IT Consultant (Access Management Consultants, MYP Corporation)

  • System analysis & design
  • Requirements specifications
  • Tender management
  • ERP System/supplier selection & implementation
  • Forensic computing
  • Data mining – intelligent systems
  • Software system verification
  • Systems audit
  • Web development
  • Application development (including mobile applications)

2016 - 2018 Research Fellow (School of Information Systems) Application of process mining and data science techniques in

  • healthcare (St Andrews' War Memorial Hospital, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Queensland Ambulance Service, Retrieval Services Queensland, Queensland Health)
  • CTP insurance (Motor Accident Insurance Commission)
  • wildlife hazard risk management  (Brisbane Airport Corporation)

2019 - Senior Lecturer (School of Information Systems)

  • Modelling Techniques for Information Systems

2020 -  Senior Research Fellow  (School of Information Systems). Application of process mining and data science techniques in

  • healthcare (Queensland Ambulance Service, Retrieval Services Queensland, Queensland Health, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Queensland Children's Hospital, Mater Hospital)