Dr Renuka Sindhgatta Rajan

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Lecturer Service Science, School of Information Systems

I started my academic career at QUT, School of Information Systems, after working in the Industry research labs for over 15 years. Before joining QUT, I was at IBM Research as a Senior Technical Staff Member and leading research in areas of empirical software engineering, services research, and AI solutions for education technology that included conversational agents or chatbots.

My research interest lies at the intersection of business process management for service delivery systems. I currently focus on analytics for evaluating outcomes in service-based applications. These include key characteristics of services, namely risk, performance, and resourcing. The focus will be on infusing trust through the interpretability of models, checking for bias, and considering the data lineage. Application areas include digital agents and process-aware information systems.

I have co-authored cover 40 papers in top peer-reviewed conferences such as OOPSLA, ASE, KDD, CIKM, ICSOC, BPM and CAiSE. I have filed over 15 patent applications and have 4 granted US patents.

Interpretable analytics for services delivery:
Analytics in service delivery systems uses machine learning or deep learning algorithms to predict and automate decision-making tasks. However, to help users trust the recommendations and make choices, it is essential to design interpretable models. This work explores the use of existing black-box models in service-based applications and the building of domain-specific interpretable models.

I am interested in students who would like to contribute in the area predictive analytics for services delivery.