Owen Forbes

MPhil, School of Mathematical Sciences

I am an MPhil student under the supervision of Distinguished Professor Kerrie Mengersen at QUT, working on data from the Longitudinal Adolescent Brain Study (LABS) led by Professor Daniel Hermens at the University of the Sunshine Coast. This study is unique in the rich variety of data being collected on a population in this age group (ages 12-17 years), with much more frequent sampling than is common for longitudinal studies of population health. I will be researching novel methods for analysing complex longitudinal datasets, with an applied emphasis on analysing EEG and other neuroimaging modalities and relating them to health and distress outcomes over time, from participants in the first stages of the LABS project. The initial phase of my project will focus on methods for clustering and feature extraction based on EEG data from this age group, and relating this clustering structure to transdiagnostic mental health outcomes.