Dr Md Abul Bashar

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Research Associate, School of Computer Science

PhD (Queensland University of Technology)

Dr Md Abul Bashar is a Data Science Research Fellow at the School of Computer Science and an Associate Investigator at the University Centre for Data Science, QUT. He has recognised expertise in Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and artificial intelligence (AI). He is a leading researcher in the area of abusive text detection. He got extensive experience in applied data science for solving real-world problems. He has participated in many successful industrial projects with the Australian government, Australia Research Council and large corporations. Outcomes of these projects were published in high-quality journals and recognised by many research organisations, industry partners and mainstream media. For example, the unconscious bias detection model, that he has developed on the innovative concept of progressive transfer learning, is being used to assist Fortune 500 companies in content management; the automatic marketing strategy generation model, that he developed based on extensive social network mining and ML, is commercialised by Robotic Marketer and used by companies such as SAP, Oracle, Hungry Jacks and many others in generating marketing reports autonomously; the automatic misogyny detection model was featured in more than 200 national and international articles including Forbes, 7News, Brisbane Times, Daily Mail, Times of India, Hindustan Times, and so on.