Letitia Sabburg

PhD, School of Mathematical Sciences

Letitia Sabburg is a PhD student at Queensland University of Technology, Australia.

Her research involves assisting farmers in decision-making through use of spatio-temporal data and uncertainty measures and visualisations, with a focus on environmental impacts in the Great Barrier Reef region. The objectives of her research are to create novel visualisation techniques that can intuitively communication spatio-temporal data alongside relative uncertainty measures, investigate the problem of scale related to visualising data and decision-making and determine quantitative metrics for evaluating visualisations in the context of decision making.

She has a broad background in GIS, Mathematics, IT and Hydrology, holding a BSc in Mathematics and Geographical Sciences, a BSc Hon 1st class in Geographical Sciences from a study focusing on automating the estimation of groundwater recharge through storage discharge relationships, and a grad cert in IT.

She has professional experience in engineering, mining and research sectors, through organisations such as GHD, SMI – CWIMI, QCIF and AURIN. She also loves teaching all things GIS, especially IT and data aspects such as scripting, data management and web GIS; she has been a sessional academic for numerous years, was a starting member of UQ’s centre for digital scholarship and is a registered software/data carpentries instructor.