Leon Chou

PhD, School of Information Systems

Yu-Liang (Leon) Chou is a current PhD student in the School of Information Systems at Queensland University of Technology. He holds an MSc. in Information Systems from QUT. He has expertise in database analysis and data science project management. Also, Leon has previous experience in teaching data analysis at the tertiary level in QUT.
Leon is a member of the Explainable Analytics for Machine Intelligence (XAMI) group at QUT. His research focuses on exploring the causability of explainable artificial intelligence (XAi). ┬áIn his first research, he produced a new taxonomy that takes into account the algorithms’ fundamental ideas, underlying features and applications to real-world data in a paper.
He proposes a benchmark evaluation in his second paper to examine the capability of instance-centric counterfactual explanations. His research finding suggests that explainable counterfactual algorithms that do not take into consideration plausibility in their internal mechanisms cannot be evaluated with the current state-of-the-art evaluation metrics, and their results may be biased and lead to scientific misinterpretations.

Research Interests: Data analysis, Data Science, Explainable artificial intelligence, Artificial intelligenc