Dr Javier Cortes Ramirez

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Lecturer, School of Public Health and Social Work

PhD (University of Queensland)

Javier is a medical professional experienced in data science and epidemiological research in public health. His research focuses on spatial statistics and epidemiological analyses of big data to support decision-making in public, environmental and occupational health.

He is currently developing complex data analyses to identify the association of environmental risk factors such as bushfires smoke with respiratory diseases in the Australian population, including COVID-19. His research involves programming scripts for advanced statistical software and Geographic Information Systems and implementing analyses in High-Performance Computing environments.

Javier’s professional experience spams three major areas of medicine; clinical practice, medical management and epidemiological research, and teaching health subjects related to each of these. He has participated as a specialist to support the implementation of national and regional health programs and strategies in Indonesia, India, and the Pacific, in consultancy with the World Health Organisation. He is also the chief investigator of an international research collaboration between the World Health Organisation collaboration centre for children’s health and the University of Santander.

Additional information

Current Projects

  • The association of bushfires smoke with COVID-19 transmission in New South Wales geographical areas (spatial regression analysis, disease mapping).
  • Predicting the risk of respiratory diseases associated with bushfires smoke in Queensland (hierarchical Bayesian regression analysis).
  • Environmental risk factors associated with respiratory diseases in North of Santander (research collaboration with World Health Organisation collaboration centre for Children’s Health and Environment and the University of Santander).
  • Environmental determinants associated with hospital admissions in Queensland (statistical analyses of big data on health in Queensland, supporting the development of an information system on the association of environmental risk factors with health outcomes in Australia).


  • Correlation between fatigue and incidents in the oil and gas industry in Australia
  • Effects of legacy brominated persistent organic pollutant flame retardants on endocrine health and children’s development in e-waste exposed population
  • Understanding the nurses’ role in assisting hospitals to achieve climate-friendly status by shifting towards an ecocentric values-based caring approach
  • The association between green spaces and the public’s physical activity behaviour
  • Challenges to Mental Health Service Providers supporting Queensland and New South Wales Farmers and Farm Workers affected by Climate-Related Events.
  • A conceptual framework of the relationship between the unconventional gas industry and the host farmers in Queensland

Most recent publications

  • Cortes-Ramirez, J., Vilcins, D., Jagals, P., Soares Magalhaes, R. J. Environmental and sociodemographic risk factors associated with environmentally transmitted zoonoses hospitalisations in Queensland, Australia. One Health. 2021
  • Cortes-Ramirez, Javier., Wilches-Vega, Juan D., Paris-Pineda, Olga M., Rod, J. E., Ayurzana, Lkhagvadulam., Sly, Peter D. Environmental risk factors associated with respiratory diseases in children with socioeconomic disadvantage. Heliyon. 2021
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