Jan Philipp Menzel

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PhD, School of Chemistry and Physics

I am a PhD candidate in the Soft Matter Materials Laboratory (School of Chemistry and Physics), led by Dr. James Blinco and Prof. Barner-Kowollik. Previously I completed a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Germany. My PhD project includes method development for the characterization of photoreactive molecules and advanced applications of photochemical reactions. The use of a wavelength-tunable laser allows for photons to be used with control of their quantum energy and number. Simulation algorithms that I created help me to assess newly developed photoreactive substrates. Thereby, predictions of experimental outcomes become feasible, even if other molecules or multiple reactive compounds are added into the mix or when the reaction is carried out with an LED. I further developed algorithms to evaluate polymer mass spectra, speeding up the investigation of chemical reactions that are carried out on the end-group of a polymer chain.