Hannah Ford Morgan

MPhil, School of Mathematical Sciences

Hannah is an award-winning tabletop game producer and QUT researcher, making educational analogue tabletop games in collaboration with various data scientists at the Centre for Data Science QUT. She is currently completing a Masters of Philosophy regarding “Not By Chance: Creating Tabletop Games to Enhance Data Science Awareness” and coordinating the CDS Interactive Gamified Workshop program.

Her completed work in this capacity includes “Virtual Reef Diver: Tabletop Edition,” “The Big Bite: Mosquito Virality Game”, “Sats and Stats: Return to Earth”, “Monster Battle Arena” and “Biosphere 3,” all of which introduce data science concepts and techniques to primary, secondary, and tertiary students and their families/friends.

Her other private published games, private consultation services, and bookable school workshops can be found at guildmastergames.com.