Dr Gerry Wunsch

Postdoctoral Research Fellow, QUT Business School

PhD, Masters of Learning and Teaching, Bachelor of Business, Diploma in Rural Business Management, Diploma of Agriculture, Graduate Diploma of Learning & Teaching (Secondary)

Dr Gerry Wunsch is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) supported by the Cotton Research & Development Corporation (CRDC).

In her current position as Deputy Program Lead (Behaviours and Decisions in Agriculture and Natural Resources) in the Behavioural Economics, Society & Technology (B.E.S.T) centre at QUT, she applies her background in cotton growing to inform decision-making in the field of cotton/agricultural technology adoption.

Having been a primary producer for many years Gerry is passionate about support of people in agricultural production.  She sees the field of behavioural economics – the merging of economics with behaviour – as having outstanding potential to improve efficiencies in decision making for agriculture.  By addressing unconscious biases that influence decisions, finding measurable outcomes i.e understanding how people make decisions and respond to incentives for behaviour change.  Gerry aims to enhance an individuals’ ability to make decisions more efficiently.

Her goal is to use evidenced-based research to explore and explain influencers on human decisions in primary production because it is vital that industry and scientists acknowledge the significance of decision making in our everyday lives both personally and at work i.e because decision making is found to be what keeps growers awake at night.  Decision making in agriculture today requires not only consideration of economic advancement but also environmental and social perspectives as part of a global landscape.

Other Interests

Gerry and her husband Richard, and two boys Henry and George currently farm a broad-acre property at Condamine and also have a base in Toowoomba, Queensland.  She enjoys boating for water-skiing and wake-surfing plays golf and is passionate about staying physical healthy.  As a recent challenge she is learning to play the saxophone.