Dr Chaitrali Shirke

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Research Fellow in Smart Cities, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Doctor of Philosophy (Queensland University of Technology)

Miss Chaitrali Shirke completed her PhD at QUT in the area of transportation engineering. She has also worked as a traffic engineer and research assistant in the past. Her research interests include transport modelling and planning, traffic flow theory, traffic simulation, urban traffic management, performance assessment of transport network, customers’ experience, and transit-oriented development.  She has a good experience in working with traffic management systems especially urban traffic management. She can efficiently work with the latest modelling software/tools such as Aimsun, SIDRA, STREAMS etc. She also has a working knowledge of Australian standards and guides for traffic management.

Academic Qualifications

Additional information

Research Assistant (May 2017 – Present)

Ongoing research project:

  • Customer experience measure from existing network performance data

Completed research projects:

  • Pilot study on the development of practitioner’s toolkit for signal control performance evaluation and development
  • Development of Motorcycle Safety Audit Methodology using Instrumented Motorcycle
  • Review of current arterial and motorway traffic management systems operating in Australia and overseas