Dr Catarina Pinto Moreira

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Lecturer in Information Science

PhD in Information Systems and Computer Engineering (University of Lisbon)

More information in http://cmoreira.eu/

I am Lecturer in Information Systems at the Science and Engineering Faculty, Queensland University of Technology. I am also an associate editor for the Springer Nature journal BMC Bioinformatics, section “Machine learning and artificial intelligence”. I am a pioneer in the development of non-classical probabilistic graphical models for decision making to empower human decision-making. My work also comprises machine learning / deep learning models, multi-modal image data fusion techniques for medical decision-making and innovative human interactive probabilistic models for explainable AI.

My background is Information Systems and Computer Engineering with a specialisation in Enterprise Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence.

My PhD focused on Quantum Probabilistic Graphical Models for Cognition and Decision in which I developed a Quantum-Like Bayesian Network that can predict and accommodate several paradoxical human decisions that violate the laws of classical probability theory and logic.

I defended my PhD in December of 2017 with Pass with Honours and Distinction

In 2018, I received the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching for my work at the School of Business, University of Leicester. The Dean’s Award recognises excellence in teaching and contribution to the enhancement of the student learning experience. It is awarded to staff on the basis of their contribution to engaging, motivating and inspiring students.

More information can be found on my personal website: http://cmoreira.eu/


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