Adjunct Professor Andrew Bradley

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Associate Dean (Research), Science and Engineering Faculty

PhD (University of Queensland)

I am a Chartered Professional Engineer, Engineering Executive and Fellow of Engineers Australia. I am also a Senior Member of the IEEE in the Engineering in Medicine and Biology and Signal Processing societies. I am currently the Associate Dean of Research and Innovation for the Science and Engineering Faculty at Queensland University of Technology. From 2011 to 2016 I was an ARC Future Fellow and Director of Research for The School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at The University of Queensland. I have previously been the Chief Technology Officer for Ausonex Pty Ltd, a company specialising in the design and development of hearing test instruments, and Principal Biomedical Engineer for Maxwell MRI, a company developing the next generation of diagnostic tools powered by artificial intelligence and multi-parametric magnetic resonance imaging. I have a broad interdisciplinary knowledge across biomedical and electrical engineering, computing science and communications technology, with over 20 years of experience in commercially focused research with companies such as Maxwell MRI, Ausonex, Canon Information Systems Research Australia (CiSRA), the CRC for Sensor Signal and Information Processing (CSSIP). I have made a significant impact across a number of areas in both commercial and academic research, particularly in the application and evaluation of computer aided diagnosis (CAD) systems in medical imaging. Over my career I have contributed to a broad array of collaborative research projects ranging from deep brain stimulation, total artificial hearts, neonatal hearing screening to medical imaging for prostate, breast and cervical cancer diagnosis. I have published more than 140 peer-reviewed papers and hold 20 granted patents in the USA, Japan, Europe and Australia. According to Google Scholar, my research has received over 8,400 citations with an h-index of 35 and an i10 index of 74. These achievements are exemplary given that they are uniquely balanced by significant time working in industry, where intellectual property considerations often constrained publication. I have been granted more than $6M in competitive research funding and been actively involved in two start-up companies raising over $4M in venture capital. I have successfully graduated 21 Ph.D. and 4 Research Masters candidates and am currently on the advisory team of three others.

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Human-Machine Teaming:Designing Synergistic Learning of Humans and Machines
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