Dr Aloha May Ambe

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Research Fellow, Faculty of Science, School of Computer Science

Doctor of Philosophy (Queensland University of Technology)

Dr Aloha Hufana Ambe is an early career academic in the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) with a passion for understanding and amplifying the role of people in technology design. In her PhD she investigated older people’s perspectives, exploring how they might reimagine monitoring and tracking technologies in their life and future, by involving them in collaborative design (co-design) and qualitative research. Together with her supervisors, she presented a design approach that shifts the emphasis from perceived needs to bring to light the lived values, agency and aspirations of older people.  She has published in premier conferences and journals within the field of Human-Computer Interaction. Currently, Aloha is investigating the design of new systems in which humans and machines interactively learn and explore together to have a more reciprocal and synergistic relationship. She is working with machine learning and Artificial Intelligence experts as well as application domain experts who analyse, interpret and make decisions with data; as both experts play a critical role to improve people’s relationships with data that is positive and proactive. Research Interests: Human-Computer Interaction, Theories and Methods of Design, Co-Design, Interaction Design, Internet of Things, Human-Data Interaction, Human-Centred Machine Learning