Dr Aiden Price

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Research Associate, School of Mathematical Sciences

PhD (Queensland University of Technology)

Aiden Price graduated in 2015 with a Bahcelor of Mathematics (Honours Class 1), with focuses in applied mathematics, statistics, and cryptography. Aiden received his PhD in 2019 from the Queensland University of Technology, Queensland. Aiden's PhD thesis was on the topic of error control theory, creating methodology for the creation of low-density parity-check codes under the supervision of Harry Bartlett, a well known researcher in finite mathematics and cryptography.

Following graduation, Aiden was recruited as a research engineer for AOS Group, where he worked as a C++ programmer in the areas of robotic vision and machine learning. Shortly after, Aiden worked as a statistics consultant for DNRME Queensland on the analysis of explosives data and took on a lecturing position at QUT, where he developed teaching material and coordinated units with a statistics and machine learning focus.

Aiden now works a research associate in the Centre for Data Science as project manager on the AusEnHealth Project: a national environmental health strategic planning digital twin. Aiden’s research is currently focused on spatial and temporal analyses of environmental and population health data, identifying the impact of bushfires on human health, and conservation-focused work through the lens of aesthetics in the Antarctic Peninsula.

Additional information

2021 | Research Associate & Project Manager | AusEnHealth Project | QUT

2020 | Research Engineer | Application of Homographies to Surveillance Footage | AOS

2020 | Statistics Consultant | Assessment of Explosives Authorities, Audits, Inspections, and Incidents | DNRME, QLD