Developmental support of the New Zealand Cancer Atlas

Project overview

The release of the Australian Cancer Atlas in September 2018 generated international interest. We have been working with the New Zealand Ministry of Health to assist them in creating an equivalent Cancer Atlas for New Zealand. Support has included running workshops, providing statistical model syntax, and discussing data and modelling issues.


  • The NZ Cancer Atlas will reveal geographical patterns of cancer incidence across the nation, for the first time.
  • Anticipated to provide helpful insights to policy makers, health planners and public health researchers.

Project team

  • Dr Susanna Crambs
  • Distinguished Professor Kerrie Mengersen
  • Professor Peter Baade, Cancer Council Queensland
  • Dr Jessica Cameron, Cancer Council Queensland
  • Professor Joanne Aitken, Cancer Council Queensland
  • Dr John McCarthy, NZ Ministry of Health
  • Dr James Greenwell, NZ Ministry of Health
  • Paula Fievez, FrontierSI